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CAN BUS Fiber Modem (Desktop Type)

Type:FCP-C1 Message

Description:One channel CAN fiber modem;One channel CAN fiber modem;Power supply: AC180V ~ 260VDC –48VDC +24V.

Product Description
        The device can achieve optical fiber CAN bus signals converted to optical signals on optical fiber transmission extended the CAN bus communication distance and because the use of optical fiber communication solve the electromagnetic interference ground loop interference and lightning damage greatly improving the reliability of data communications security and confidentiality can be widely used in various industrial control process control and traffic control and other occasions especially for banks electricity and electromagnetic interference environment departments have special requirements and systems..
Functional Properties
◆ based on proprietary integrated circuit;
◆ Provide a CAN bus interface an optical port;
◆ CAN transparent data transmission without any set;
◆ CAN interface Maximum number of nodes 128;
◆ CAN interface rate 0-500Kbps;
◆ CAN interface speed in line with international CAN1.0 CAN2.0 standard multiple power mode options: AC220V DC-48V / DC24V etc;
◆ DC-48V / DC24V power supply with automatic polarity detection function when installed without distinction between positive and negative;
◆ CAN interface with lightning protection lightning reached GB / T17626.5 (IEC61000-4-5)Short circuit current wave 8 / 20μs open standard peak output voltage 6KV.
Technical Parameters
◆ Fiber
Multi-mode Fiber
50/125um 62.5/125um
Maximum transmission distance: 5Km @ 62.5 / 125um single mode fiber attenuation (3dbm/km)
Wave Length: 820nm
Transmitting power: -12dBm (Min) ~-9dBm (Max)
Receiver sensitivity: -28dBm (Min)
Link budget: 16dBm
Single-mode Fiber
8/125um 9/125um
Maximum transmission distance: 40Km
Transmission distance: 40Km @ 9 / 125um single mode fiberattenuation (0.35dbm/km)
Wave Length: 1310nm
Transmitting power: -9dBm (Min) ~-8dBm (Max)
Receiver sensitivity: -27dBm (Min)
Link budget: 18dBm
◆ CAN Bus interface
Rate:  0-500Kbps
Interface characteristics: compliance with international CAN1.0 CAN2.0 standard
Connector: Phoenix terminal
◆ Working environment
Working temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
Working Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)
Storage temperature: -40°C ~ 80°C
Storage Humidity: 5%~95 % (no condensation)
Application Scheme
CAN BUS Fiber Modem