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1 channel 4K HDMI Transceiver

Type:FCM-H1-4k Message

Description:Transmitter: 1 channel of 4K hmdi interface in; receiver: 1 channel of 4K HDMI interface out; 1 LC optical fiber interface.

Product Description
        The 4K HDMI optical transceiver namely the uncompressed HDMI optical fiber extender is composed of HDMI transmitter and receiver. Through optical cable the 4K × 2K @ 30Hz HDMI signal can be extended as far as 10-80km by using 10g high-speed photoelectric conversion transmission rate which is the real uncompressed and delay free transparent transmission. It has been widely used in various large-scale multimedia HD display information release and news center traffic guidance and information display system outdoor large screen display system large stage display and entertainment center live television multimedia conference military command and exercise and other fields.
Functional Properties
◆ Full digital uncompressed high-definition optical fiber transmission;
◆ 10G Optical fiber transmission rate truly transparent transmission without compression and delay.
◆ Support HDMI 1.4 HDCP v1.4 HD and 3D video signal transmission maximum resolution: 4096 × 2160 @ 30Hz
◆ It can back transmit EDID and support HDCP content protection.  
◆ Automatic identification and configuration of various display modes;
◆ With independent analog audio or one RS232 / 422 / 485 serial port data;
◆ HDMI interface has built-in ESD protection circuit which can effectively prevent electrostatic damage;
◆ On site installation: simple and convenient plug and play no need to set;
◆ 300m multimode optical fiber 10-80km long-distance transmission of single-mode optical fiber.
◆ Aluminum alloy oxygen electrode oxidation shell is suitable for extremely high temperature extremely low temperature and other harsh industrial environment;
◆ Full surface mounting technology with high reliability;
◆ It does not need software setting supports plug and play function and hot plug.
Technical Parameters
◆ Fiber
Number of optical fibers: single fiber double fiber
Optical fiber interface: LC
Wavelength: 850nm / 1310nm multimode; 1310nm / 1550nm single mode
Transmission distance: 10-80km
Typical transmit power:
Single mode 1310 / 1550nm: ≥ - 9dbm
Multimode 850nm: - 18dbm
Multimode 1310nm: - 25dbm
Acceptance sensitivity range: - 33dbm ~ - 40dbm
◆ HDMI interface
Compatible version: HDMI v1.4 HDCP v1.4
Maximum pixel clock frequency: 340 MHz
Support HD format: HDTV including 1080p,2K4K(UHD)
HDMI Input and output: HDMI Female head
◆ Electrical and mechanical characteristics
System power:     AC180V~260V
Power consumption: ≤10W     
◆ Environmental indicators 
working temperature: -10℃ - +55℃
Storage temperature: -40℃ - +90℃
Working humidity: 0%—95%(No condensation)
MTBF: >100000 hours
Application Scheme
1 channel 4K HDMI Transceiver
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